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Urban Exploration Game

Embark on an urban adventure like no other with CityRumble, where the city's secrets await to test your knowledge and exploration skills.


Designed for teams of up to 5 players, CityRumble offers a unique blend of trivia and real-world exploration that's perfect for Companies, tourists, locals, and everyone in between.


Takes you beyond the screen with 10 Geolocations that require you to be on-site to solve puzzles, complete film, photo missions and more.

These tasks are not just challenges;
They're invitations to explore the city, discover hidden gems, and engage with your team.

Trivia on the way

On the way between the locations you can challenge yourself with 100 trivia questions spread across 5 captivating categories:
Celebrities, History, Film and TV, Music, Animal Kingdom.

Each category level ups to give you more challenging tasks, challenging your knowledge in fun and exciting ways.

Whether you're solving a mystery in the historic heart of the city, tracking down locations of a famous building or capturing a moment with urban statues,

More than a game

it's a journey that celebrates curiosity, encourages exploration, and creates unforgettable memories. Perfect for those looking to add a dash of adventure to their company or tell locals more about their hometown in a new light.

Ready for an urban exploration?

Lace up your walking shoes, charge your phone, and dive into the vibrant world of CityRumble.

It's your ticket to an epic city adventure that you'll be talking about long after the game is over.

Available in English and Norwegian.

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