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your one stop shop for the management and setup skills you need. Good luck

Learn all the basics on how to setup for:

Event management from global expositions to local seminars, Onboarding / Offboarding, Talent Management, Training, Courses, E-learning, Engagement, Social networks, and other engaging activities.



websites / intranet / internet

Who should use the solution?

Companies in need of responsive, search engine optimized websites, based on a CMS (Content Management System) that is easy to use.

There are no restrictions on the number of domains, sites or pages you can build.

The desire to build exciting solutions to distribute content, products and services for your audience.

Sitebuilder solutions can be included in the gamification setup and used for content distribution securely, behind a password.

A perfect tool for you to run internal information, with scheduled publishing.

The solution is easy to set up and maintain.

Key Messages:

  • 26 custom responsive templates
  • Build multiple sites
  • Easy to customize and update (1 click style changes)
  • Technical search engine optimized
  • Readable URLs (URL Rewriting)
  • Quick responsive solution with 1: 1 sizeing of content
  • Content acceleration through CDN
  • Multilingual backend and frontend
  • Software independent (frontend and backend)
  • Built for quick publishing

Main goal of the solution:

  • Improve user experience for audience and creators.
  • Optimize visitor length with relevant content and communictation.
  • Simple navigation with call to actions.
  • With easy publishing and management of the solution - simplify:
    • Distribution and reach.
    • Publishing and updating of information.
    • Publishing news, activities and presentations. 
    • Publishing rich content (images, videos, etc.).
    •  Rewriting URLs (Improved click ratio of in search engines).
    • The solution works on all devices (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop).


Companies with the need to invite, book, register, engagege, communicate and run surveys.

Perfect for everything from board meetings, training programs, events  and traveling with internal or external attendees.

You have access to SMS, Email, Push and Inline messaging. Everything can be schedulesd and sent to specific groups or individuals.

Users can register themselves or be import directly from excel.

All data is dynamic, so you can create advanced 1:1 Communication.

You as a company will never be blacklisted, our solution sends email through one of the world's largest mail gateway.

A perfect tool for creating traffic and activity, the solution is easy to set up and easy to use.

Key Messages:

  • Delivery guarantee on all communication
  • No danger of blacklisting
  • Easy to customize and update

Main goal of the solution:

    • Improve user communication.
    • Optimized communication with 1:1 content and relevance.
    • With easy publishing and management of the solution - simplify:
      • Distributing and updating of information.
      • Creating communications.
      • Less workload, reducing time to market.



Companies with the need to develop internal or external company coulture.
Onboarding of new employees, to get individuals to perform from the first day.
Build engaging comunities, for your products and services.
Develop and activate employees and teams to reach your goals.
Build internal culture and Private Social Network.

Gamification can be used to engage your audience.

Key Messages:

  • User engagement guaranteed
    with the use of our Videoconferancing module in combination with:
    • Comments
    • Q & A
    • Voting
    • Rating
    • Curses
    • Seekergames
    • Maps
    • Contacts and more...
  • Software independent (frontend and backend)

Main goal of the solution:

  • Improve user experience for employees and external guests
  • Create culture and expertise, as well as create a winning culture for everyone in the company.
  • Optimize internal communication and distribution of important data.
  • With easy publishing and management of the solution - simplify:
    • Creating and upating gamification elements with ease
    • Creating Games and training
    • Building social flows
    • Setting up video conferences

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