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The complete solution for professional event management - Features overview

Event planning >

LIVE takes the pain out of venue booking, catering, crewing and speaker engagements, and even helps you arrange hotels and travel for your guests


Program management >

Easily and effectively manage the publishing of  speaker, sessions and locations as well as partner exposure.


Publishing >

Easily and efficiently publish your event using our selection of professionally designed event templates or by designing your own custom templates.


Promotion >

Effectively get your message across to your audience using email, sms and social media. Using the Live inbuilt CRM – or by integrating your own - you can reach your network with compelling multi-channel messaging.


Registration, billing and check-in

Manage attendee registration, billing, payments, ticketing and check-in easily and securely with LIVE. Use event templates to quickly set up complex workflows – or create your own reusable attendee onboarding journey.


Gamification >

LIVE events do not just happen on stage – they allow organisers, partners and speakers to engage with the audience using voting, polls, quizzes, seeker games, tests, courses and more. They also allow users to engage with other attendees who share their interests and passions.


Communities >

With LIVE events , the event is not only a physical event. The event is live, online, from the moment the doors open – to the delight of participants, speakers, exhibitors and organisers; inside and outside of the event venue. And the event is not over when the lights go out.


Survey >

With LIVE Survey you have the ability to gather more insights about your audience – before, during and after the event. 

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